triyoga talks episode 8: Dr Melody Moore on #metoo, eating disorders + self-love

In this episode of triyoga talks, Dr Melody Moore speaks about the importance of self-love, how media myths perpetuate a sense of ‘not enoughness’ and the complex relationship between contemporary yoga and eating disorders.


triyoga talks episode 7: Vicky Fox on yoga for cancer + the value of community

In this episode of triyoga talks, Vicky Fox talks about how to hold space and support people living with pain, how yoga can help with the physical, emotional and mental effects of cancer, and the positive power of community and sharing.


triyoga talks episode 6: Gurmukh + Gurushabd on Yogi Bhajan,
kundalini + motherhood

In this episode of triyoga talks, Gurmukh and Gurushabd talk about their experiences of studying with Yogi Bhajan, the vast oral history and traditions of Kundalini yoga and how Gurmurkh’s own experiences and grief shaped her teaching of yoga for pregnant women.


triyoga talks episode 5: Max Strom on breath, grief + the dangers of technology

In this episode, triyoga talks speaks to yoga teacher and TEDx speaker Max Strom on the ethics a yoga teacher should uphold, how breathing techniques can release feelings of grief, and how technology is driving us apart instead of bringing us closer together.


triyoga talks episode 4: Richard Rosen on authenticity, yoga’s evolution + the purpose of asana

Richard talks with us about yoga in the modern world, how traditional practices have evolved over the centuries, and whether there is really any such thing as authentic yoga.


triyoga talks episode 3: Sharon Gannon on yoga + veganism, consent cards and what makes a good teacher

Sharon Gannon, the creatrix of Jivamukti Yoga, talks to us about yoga and veganism, the use of consent cards in yoga studios, what her personal sadhana looks like now and more.


triyoga talks episode 2: Bo Forbes on yoga as a tool for social justice + the convergence of yoga + psychotherapy

Bo Forbes talks on why yoga and psychotherapy are natural fits, how yoga teachers can speak to students suffering from anorexia nervosa, and how yoga can be used as a tool for social justice in creating politically awake communities


triyoga talks episode 1: Maty Ezraty on self-exploration,
sexual misconduct + social media in yoga

In our inaugural triyoga talks podcast, we speak with Yogaworks co-founder Maty Ezraty who tells us why advanced posture work alone cannot lead to enlightenment, when self-exploration shifts into self-absorption, and the effect social media has had on the yoga landscape.