About Time We Stopped The Yoga Selfie

Yoga Selfies are careening out of control. This week, American yoga teacher Tara Stiles was driven around the streets of Manhattan doing yoga in a glass box David-Blaine style. She was promoting her series of lessons available at W Hotels worldwide, alongside eslfies of her in stilettos in a back bend on a swish bed next to a bucket of champagne. For me, this particular stunt inspires lust and desire -- it fetishizes her extreme flexibility. Yoga that's about being seen -- what's contemplative about that?

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“Dharma Yoga” – A must-read for avid yogis wanting more {Book review}

“Yoga Dharma” by Hamish Hendry takes yoga to a deeper level.

Dharma Shala in London is much like Pattabhi Jois’ old Ashtanga Yoga school in Lakshimpurum, Mysore—a thriving, if little bit grotty, small shala in a quiet pocket of a big city.  One hundred students flock to Dharma Shala every day from 5 am to practice under the watchful eye of Hamish Hendry. The quiet and unassuming 47-year-old has created a trusted space where sometimes insight comes and ego goes.

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Explained: Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga

Into yoga? Then you’ll have come across an Ashtanga class in your gym or yoga studio. In it, A-types will be flowing and sweating their way through forward bends, backbends and twists. Healthista’s Yoga Girl blogger explains what the hard-core ones mean when they say ‘Mysore-style self-practice’

At first blush, Ashtanga is a rigorous and physically demanding type of yoga. Ashtangis are dedicated (some call us overzealous) to the system that demands we eschew late night parties and wine, for early morning practice and coconut juice.

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Does Authorisation Matter?

There are 441 authorized and certified teachers in the world today: 75 in Asia, one in Africa, 28 in Australia/New Zealand, 18 in South and Central America, 157 in Europe and 162 in North America, according to the KPJAYRI website.

But visit any gym or even fully-fledged yoga studio around the world and you probably won’t find a KPJAYRI authorized teacher teaching an Ashtanga class.

It begs the question—does it matter? Lots of people who are unauthorized teachers teach—should they?

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Yoga – Think you can’t do a headstand?

They say the headstand is the King of all Yoga postures. If you think you aren’t quite up to these regal heights, think again – Genny Wilkinson-Priest gives the latest on a new piece of apparatus that will get you up there. 

It can be, rightly or wrongly, the measure of success in one’s yoga practice. You’ve seen it before in a yoga class – the super lithe, tattooed guy at the front of the class who effortlessly presses into a tripod headstand, holding it steady for several minutes. After, he’ll rest for a few moments in child’s pose (because he knows he should) before sitting up, smugly looking around to see who is still struggling in Dolphin Pose, the pre-requisite to a headstand.

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