Move over Bikram. There's a new Hot Yoga in town.

When I told my yoga teacher friends that I was doing a week-long workshop practicing and learning about Hot Yoga, I might as well have said I was going to drown a sackful of kittens.

Mouths dropped. Eyes widened. One friend recoiled in disgust. Such is the snobbery attached to anyone who practices, or God forbid, even teaches the style of yoga stigmatized by the eponymous Bikram Yoga.

But there is a new breed of Hot Yoga gaining traction in London where classes are compassionate, safe, and rooted in the centuries old traditions of yoga and mediation.

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Can Yoga Help You Get Pregnant?

Many women today, whether because they prioritise their careers or meet their partner later in life, are starting their families later in life. In fact, the average age a woman gives birth in this country reached 30 for the first time ever last year. While post-35 – the age at which doctors warn fertility takes a nose dive – some women get pregnant easily; others find it difficult to conceive without (or even with) the use of medical intervention like IVF.

When you’re trying to get pregnant and it’s not happening, you start to examine aspects of your life that might be a factor blocking conception such as the amount of alcohol you drink or the number of hours you work in a stressed-out office environment. You might scrutinise how you exercise as studies have shown too much or too little  can affect hormonal balance and the regularity of a woman’s cycle.

I should know – when trying to conceive six years ago, I went through a ‘bat shit crazy’ phase as my husband now likes to call it. I wanted a baby so badly that it was all I could think about and my moods swung wildly, culminating in one episode when I hurled a glass of wine across the kitchen table at my husband over the mildest of infractions. It was only when I let go of my deeply rooted desire, and practiced yoga and meditation daily, that I got pregnant.



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About Time We Stopped The Yoga Selfie

Yoga Selfies are careening out of control. This week, American yoga teacher Tara Stiles was driven around the streets of Manhattan doing yoga in a glass box David-Blaine style. She was promoting her series of lessons available at W Hotels worldwide, alongside eslfies of her in stilettos in a back bend on a swish bed next to a bucket of champagne. For me, this particular stunt inspires lust and desire -- it fetishizes her extreme flexibility. Yoga that's about being seen -- what's contemplative about that?

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“Dharma Yoga” – A must-read for avid yogis wanting more {Book review}

“Yoga Dharma” by Hamish Hendry takes yoga to a deeper level.

Dharma Shala in London is much like Pattabhi Jois’ old Ashtanga Yoga school in Lakshimpurum, Mysore—a thriving, if little bit grotty, small shala in a quiet pocket of a big city.  One hundred students flock to Dharma Shala every day from 5 am to practice under the watchful eye of Hamish Hendry. The quiet and unassuming 47-year-old has created a trusted space where sometimes insight comes and ego goes.

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Explained: Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga

Into yoga? Then you’ll have come across an Ashtanga class in your gym or yoga studio. In it, A-types will be flowing and sweating their way through forward bends, backbends and twists. Healthista’s Yoga Girl blogger explains what the hard-core ones mean when they say ‘Mysore-style self-practice’

At first blush, Ashtanga is a rigorous and physically demanding type of yoga. Ashtangis are dedicated (some call us overzealous) to the system that demands we eschew late night parties and wine, for early morning practice and coconut juice.

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